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Alcohol Hydrometer

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A professional grade alcometer. Scale goes to 100% alc./vol. Used to calculate alcohol content in 20+% beverages as it is not accurate for lower alcohol products like beer or wine. Similar in use to a brewing hydrometer, but assumes no sugar is in the solution. You must float in a sample to obtain a reading. The reading will only be accurate in alcohol solutions post distillation - liquids with content other than alcohol and water will not read accurately. An alcometer cannot be used to measure the alcohol of mixed or carbonated drinks.

For taking readings of alcohol solutions above 20%, it is recommended that all containers be made of glass or stainless steel as plastic may be damaged and leech chemicals into the solution.

Note: This alcometer DOES NOT work for taking readings for beer or wine fermentations. If your intent is to measure the gravity (sugar density) in beer and wine, you need a hydrometer.